Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bitching & Moaning

Well things aren't getting off to a very good start. Nathaniel was supposed to be home last weekend, then it was "maybe Monday or Tuesday", then it was "probably Wednesday", then it was "definitely Thursday", and now it's "Well, hopefully sometime before July 4th". I AM PISSED!! Schneider is really starting to royally piss me off. The weekend before last the trainer whom Nathaniel is traveling with had to go to a funeral in his hometown. No problem, turns out it was close to Nathaniel's parents' home so he got to see them and eat a decent meal and wash clothes. This little pit stop wasn't supposed to put them behind schedule at all. That was a load of bullshit apparently!! Nathaniel is supposed to be out on his own now. That's what we had planned for and quite literally banked on. He's still making grunt pay and I am out of money and almost out of food. I fucking hate big companies. They forget about the people that work hard to line their pockets and send their kids to college!! What about our kid? What do they expect us to do? If companies nowadays would treat their employees like something other than cattle imagine the kind of productivity and profits they could have. It's not rocket science. UGH!!

At any rate we're thinking now that Nathaniel will be home tomorrow....but I've been hearing that all week. I am tired. This is his first time out on the road. We were told he's work 2 weeks be off 4 days. It's a 1 year contract so at least it isn't forever. But who knows they may just bend us over and ream our asses some more. All through Nathaniel's training we were both impressed with the company and how they seemed to realize that the drivers had a life outside of the truck. So far I feel I've been had. Totally raped, humiliated, and forgotten about. Hopefully this isn't a sign of what's to come. I'll never tell Nathaniel this, but I hate this whole situation. What really sucks is that this was a last resport kind of job for Nathaniel. He worked for yet another greedy company and was laid off last September. By March nothing of equal pay came along and his unemployment ran out so trucking was the Plan B.

You may be sitting there asking why I'm not out in the work force. I'll tell you. We have a 2 year old son and I've been a stay-at-home mom since he was born. I don't love it and I don't hate it, but it's what is best for our son. Not to mention the fact that the cost of daycare would equal any paycheck I brought home. Why not get public assistance? We're poor but not quite poor enough so we don't qualify for any kind of aid. What about family? We live in the western portion of North Carolina, Nathaniel's family is in Southern Illinois, my parents live 2 hours away and my mom works 12 hour days 6 days a week and my father is disabled and has no legs below the knees. Why doesn't Nathaniel just quit? Schneider paid for his entire training, lodging, etc. If Nathaniel were to quite he'd owe Schneider almost $5,000. So we're stuck treading water for now. I'm an optimist I believe whole heartedly that things will get better eventually. So we keep trudging along and moving forward ever so slowly, but we will get there...someday.


Blogger Deneen said...


No one is questioning why you aren't working girl, I know it's best to stay home with your son and yes, the cost of daycare negates your paycheck and besides, it's better for your son to have you home anyway!

I hope it all works out with Nathanial's job. My BIL got a job as a trucker, put in his 6 months and now drives a trash truck (sounds shitty, but he's making big money and works 5:00 AM til 2:00 PM 5 days a week) and loves it. Just have him put his time in, get the experience and then doors will open.

Love ya-


May 27, 2005 6:04 PM  

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