Sunday, June 26, 2005

and the saga continues...

Seems like shit is hitting the fan everywhere I turn. June hasn't been the best month for a lot of folks I know. Here's the latest in my journey...
Things are a little better today. Geof and I went to Knoxville with Morgan (my bestest bud) on Friday. We had a blast. There's a park there where the World's Fair was held in 1982 and they have a fountain where water shoots up at various levels and kids can play in it. We took Geof there yesterday and he was a bit scared at first but it wasn't too long before he was going balls out and absolutely loving it. Today we took him to a couple different parks with some really cool play equipment and back to the fountain. He slept the whole way home today (about 1.5 hours). He hadn't had a nap in two days although he slept really well at night. I hope he's not deciding to give up his afternoon naps because some days I live for nap time!! It was really great to spend some time with Morgan. We had a lot of fun. She'll be moving to Missouri for a few years in a couple weeks. It was a nice little weekend getaway for everyone. Best of all we got to see Nathaniel!!!!!! Turns out he was driving through and stopped in Knoxville for the night. We picked him up and he spent the night with us and we took him back to his truck this morning. It was very bittersweet. He almost cried and let me tell you, the man never cries! I'm really hoping that this week will be better. He's already burning out. At least he'll be home this weekend for a few days.
Our kitty is doing well. I found about 6 fleas on him Friday night. I'm not sure if he came with them or if he picked him up in the house...who knows. I bathed him in the sink with some warm water and dish soap. He wasn't too keen on the idea and I've got the claw marks to prove it! Today Geof and I visited our hometown economy killer (WalMart) and I bought some flea drops. We'll see how that goes. I forgot to get a flea collar so I'm sure we'll be back. yay. Deneen suggested that his smelliness might be caused my worms. I wish that I had read her comment before going to the store. So I guess that makes excuse #2 to go back to HellMart. yay...again.
Let's see what else. Oh yeah my swelling and rashes have made a return. I think I'm allergic to stress! Funny Geof story. When we arrived in Knoxville, Morgan and I went shopping. As soon as I lifted Geof up to place him in a shopping cart I smelled poo. yay. So we went next door to use their restroom. I got him all clean up and was putting his pants back on when a toilet gets flushed. That was the loudest toilet I've ever heard in my life. Geof was spooked by it and grabs on to me so I couldn't' put his pants back on. Next thing I know another toilet gets flushed and he screams bloody murder and starts wailing. I tried to explain that it was only the toilet but that didn't work. We left the restroom immediately. So here I am with a crying 2 year old wearing only a shirt, diaper, and shoes and saying, "it's only the toilet". Oh yeah this was a restaurant. Finally I get him dressed and for the next two hours all says is, "it's ok, it's only a toilet." We had to visit a couple other public bathrooms during our visit to Knoxville and Geof hated every one, loud toilets or not. I really hope he isn't traumatized for life because we're trying to get him headed in the direction of a diaper free existence.
Last little tidbit, my Dad is out of the hospital, still not quite up to par. At least that's some more good news.
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Blogger Deneen said...

If the kitty has fleas and eats one (they do), it'll cause the worms. Does it look like there's a piece of rice sitting on her butt??? In her poo, look for worms (once they get big enough, you won't have to look hard).

Elena hates the toilet flushes. She still goes in the restroom, pees or does whatever, and then runs out screaming "you can flush it now". She's sensitive to loud noises.

I'm glad you had a fun time with your bud and got to see Nat. It's good for you to relax a bit too. Elena stopped her naps early on and I did miss the hell out of them. One thing I did learn, you can't force a kid to sleep.

June 27, 2005 7:37 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

nope, no ass rice syndrome just smelly poo

June 28, 2005 12:17 AM  
Blogger Humor Girl said...

Was your husband a trucker when you met him? Where did ya'll meet? :) I'm such a hopeless romantic..i LOVE hearing this stuff! Good luck potty training!

June 29, 2005 11:15 AM  

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