Thursday, June 09, 2005

Some Low-Class Drama For This Mama

I had a very interesting evening. At about 4 am this morning I awoke to the sounds of what I gathered were two men shouting at each other. The language used was...quite colorful and very very loud. I thought they were in my yard. You must understand something, I live in a quiet rural town where everyone keeps to themselves but still looks out for their neighbors. I was scared shitless. However Mommy Mode aka fuck-with-my-kid-and-I'll-blow-your-damn-brains-out mode kicked in real quick. All of the windows in the house were open so it made it kind of difficult to pin point where exactly the voices were coming from. The yelling had settled a bit with longer and longer pauses between outbursts. I debated whether or not to phone the police since the voices were coming from notorious dipshits. Total white trash in every sense of the word. No grass in the yard because it's covered with junk cars, pieces of wood, metal, trash, etc. 15 dogs running around half starved and barking all the damn time. No trespassing signs up anyone would really want to set foot on their property. The ASPCA and the police are frequent visitors...yeah, those kind of people. While trying to decide about calling the police I heard more screaming and yelling, glass breaking, and some screaming and moaning as if in pain. I quickly found the phone book and called the police. The lady picked up after the first ring and all I said was, "Hi, I live at {street address} and I just woke up to some men yelling." She says, "Yes, we already have police there." Go PoPo, Go PoPo!! From the voices I heard in the dark apparently it was a fight between a father and a son both of whom were very much sweet.

Ya know, something told me last night that I should keep my cell phone close by...I'm glad I listened!


Blogger Deneen said...

I would have been scared shitless too. And I totally get the "don't fuck with my kid" mode. If you had been alone, you would have been so damn scared, but because of Geoff, you were strong. Cool how things work.

I live in a rural area too, I call em podinks and Chicken fu**ers too. There are several families in my area that drink and then fight each other. About a month ago, a father and son were fighting and broke all the windows out of their own house with baseball bats. I don't get it, it's their freaking house, which they live in--the point of this is unknown and will always be.

I also live an an area zoned "Pinelands" which means you need a permit to take a piss in a bush outside. Everything is "protected" and supposedly (although I've never done it) you need permission to pull out bushes, etc. Anyway, you can't clean up your property without going through 100 zoning laws, but you can dump an old ass car without tires on your lawn and keep it there as an ornament, no problem. Southern New Jersey is knows for it's old junkers in peoples yards for years.

June 09, 2005 8:03 PM  

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