Friday, June 24, 2005

WARNING: This post is rich in strong at your own risk

FUCK SCHNEIDER!! That is all I have to say about that company!! We should have known, this is America, all big companies are run by evil dick heads swimming in money. They don't give a shit about the people out there slaving away lining their pockets so they can buy sports cars, and diamonds, and mansions, and all that bullshit! This whole growing up thing and finding out what the world is really made of really sucks. I'm not a naive person, but I have morals and values and it just shocks me the way money changes people. Schneider promised us the moon, but has bent us over countless times fuck us in the ass. We are their bitches. If Nathaniel backs out of his one year contract we will owe them $5,000. I guess I should tell about he latest load of bullshit. Nathaniel is currently out on the road so he called to check on the balance in his bank account because today is payday, the rent is due, and I need to buy groceries, and the credit cards are almost maxed out. What a surprise!! Schnieder fucked up his paycheck. He is guaranteed no less than $500, but only $300 was deposited and we were expecting a little over $700. All this on top of the fact that we've been living with $300 paychecks for long enough now and things are wearing mighty thin. Nathaniel called and was really upset. He wasn't raving mad (like me) he was quiet and really sounds like he's wearing out. He has been busting his ass out here. Schneider works him illegally 75% of the time (which I think is standard practice in the trucking industry). I told him that the most important thing on that truck is not what is in the trailer but who is sitting in that driver's seat. I am not willing to lose my husband so that some fat cat somewhere can buy a golden toilet seat. Fuck that and fuck them! Nathaniel doesn't mind hard work or working hard but it's the lying greediness and the way he's been treated that's getting to him. I hear it more and more clearly every time I speak to him on the phone and honestly that absolutely tears me up inside. I tried to cheer him up today and I told him that if he wanted to leave that I would not think any less of him and fuck anyone who did. We will survive no matter what. We've already been through hell and back (long story for another time) this will just add to our collection of merit badges.


There that feels much better. In other news my father is in the hospital again. Alcohol induced pancreatitis. I have little sympathy. I love him dearly and wouldn't trade him for the world but he's an alcoholic. At least he's a happy drunk. He has gotten better over the years, he doesn't pass out in the living room with a lit cigarette or pee in closets anymore. I didn't even know he was "sick" until well into high school. I just thought he kept falling asleep on the floor. My mom had to tell me. I've lost count with how many episodes of pancreatitis this makes. I'm just so tired of watching him kill himself. He needs help, but no amount of "intervention" makes him realize that. Maybe I'll go for a low blow and throw Geof in his face and say "Hey fucktard! You wouldn't clean up your act for me, what about him?" Maybe I won't be as harsh but my point will be made.

...another sigh...

In happier news...we have a new kitty!! He is absolutely gorgeous. He's tan with reddish orange stripes all over and amber eyes and a cute little pink nose. All that coming from a dog person, I'm about to barf. Anyhoo, he is adorable and Geof absolutely loves him. We haven't named him yet, Geof and I are waiting for Nathaniel to see him first. (Geof calls him kitty kitty for now) Our neighbor gave him to us because she has two cats and a dog already. My only complaint is that this cat has the worst smelling farts!! They're almost vomit inducing!! Which brings me to my last heart warming story...

Geof knows about farts, what they sound like, and that they stink and all but I don't think he realized where they come from. So after kitty kitty's latest round with flatulence I said "PU kitty pooted!!" and started fanning the stench away from my face. Geof thought this was funny. Then he asked "Where is the poot?" and he looked at the cat. So I begin explaining the origin of farts. One really takes this knowledge for granted, but it was fun to teach. Thank God for 2 year olds without whom there would be no comic relief or spontaneous moments of complete humbling.

Thanks for listening.


Blogger Deneen said...

I don't know what to tell you sweetie. Maybe he can start looking for another job and pay back Schneider.

Explaining farts is one of the fun things! Perhaps the cat has stinkies cause she has worms (more bad news, yes, but you could get worm pills and deworm her yourself). I had that problem with a barn kitty I got about 12 years ago. He had the stinkies farts and poops. He also pooped and ate like crazy. My other two cats ate the same food, not the same stink. Yep, he had worms. Is he chubby looking???

Geoff is becoming a little boy now, no more baby. He's adorable.

June 26, 2005 4:06 PM  

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