Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Beating A Dead Horse

I had several ideas for the title of this post even before I had it composed...
"Ladies And Gentlemen...WE ARE FUCKED" or "It's The End Of The World As We Know It And I Just Shit My Pants" get the idea.

Several things on my plate tonight...
  1. the cheapest gas in town is $3.06 for regular
  2. there is a gas shortage and people are freaking out here and gas stations are running out of fuel
  3. tomorrow the price of a pack of cigarettes will go up $.30 so I'm going to quit
  4. hell has officially frozen over...North Carolina finally decided to have a lottery
  5. Geof won't use his potty chair but damn it the cat has starting pissing in it now!

I know if you're reading this and you live in a large city $3.06 for regular gas may sound great. But I live in a small town with a depressed economy and it's outrageous. Apparently, the gas supply to this region has been cut off because of that bitch Katrina and it most likely will not be restored for a week or two. At least that is what I understand at the moment. Already the lines at the pumps are fairly long and several stations have run out of fuel. Scary shit. Since the price of gas first starting climbing Geof and I have stayed home more. I guess now we're stuck. I went to fill up the tank tonight thinking that surely it wouldn't be over $3 yet. Boy was I wrong. I didn't get gas. I guess I'll have to wait it out. Nathaniel and I are a little worried that he might not get to work as much because Schneider might cut back drivers to save money...who knows, we're just trying to think of any and all worse case senarios and be prepared if that happens. Thank goodness he doesn't have to pay to fuel his truck out-of-pocket!! We'd be in some shit then!! He said that in Columbia, South Carolina regular gas is $3.75, and in larger cities it's $3.99 to $4. Here's a good site to find gas deals in your area, I highly recommend it!!

I've been looking for a reason to quit smoking. I was watching the news tonight and found it. Effective tomorrow, North Carolina will raise the tax on cigarettes $.30. The place I usually go has Marlboro & Camel (my main brands of choice) for $2.79/pack. I'll be damned if I'll pay $3 for a pack of smokes. Both companies have been sending me $1 off coupons, but still, I really should quit. Gotta save that money for food and gas now. Wish me luck and watch out I'm gonna be a real bitch in the next few days. You've been warned!! [insert evil laughing]

North Carolina finally got a freaking lottery. If the price of gas and the aftermath of Katrina weren't all over the news here, then the lottery would be. Every single state around us has a lottery, but North Carolina being the moral conscience of the south had to hold out. Screw that, fuckin bible belt shit wake up it's 2005. I am all for the lottery. I'm not sure all the details, but I know in Georgia and South Carolina it funds education. The cost of a college education is increasingly more expensive. If my son and all the other children in this state have a better chance at going to college I'm sure as hell going to support it 100%.

Ok, now for the light side of things...Illinois, our freakin cat has been pissing in Geof's potty chair. I didn't realize it was him until the other day when he did it right in front of me. I had to laugh though. Seeing a cat piss in a potty is great. I just wish he'd do it in the toilet. I'm glad though that he wasn't shitting in Geof's potty, then we'd have a problem. For now the potty chair is out of reach of the cat. Who knows maybe he'll help with potty training Geof?! Apparently, I'm doing something wrong.

Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary. Nathaniel will be home this weekend and might possibly be here for 3 days instead of 2!! YAY!! I would post a pic of the happy couple, but I don't have one on this computer, so here's a mental picture. Imagine a bride who is 4 months pregnant, a bewildered groom, both with this expression :"What the hell have we done?!" Hey, we made it folks...who says miracles don't happen?

Take care everyone, hug your babies, don't be stingy with your I love yous and hang in there...who knows what's next!!


Anonymous Will said...

Petrol is permanantly expensive in the UK, 90p a litre on a good day recently. It's awful.

September 01, 2005 8:18 AM  

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