Thursday, August 11, 2005

it's late and i'm typing with one hand...

geez you're a perv, get your mind out of the gutter!!! i've decided that i want to play guitar and that nathaniel is to be my teacher. i've been practicing like hell since he left because he said that i wouldn't and forget about it. (that's why i'm typing with one hand...the finger tips on my left hand are very sore now) i'm doing it as a nice little "fuck you, i'll show you" kind of gesture. of course he knows me all too well and i think he said that on purpose...sneeky butt!! he came home a day later than he was supposed to because the air conditioner in his truck craped out and smoke was billowing from under the hood. he took it in to get repaired and had to stay the night in charlotte. he drove it to the truck stop close by and we picked him up around lunch time on friday. we got to have him until wednesday morning so that was nice. anyhoo, i'm in pain so i'm going ot end this lovely post here...take care and i'll be back tomorrow for more ramblings. until then...


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