Friday, August 12, 2005

Title?! I Don't Need No Stinkin' Title!!

This post is a perfect example of an organized, well-meaning, procrastinating, dorky blogger's post. Like the numerous adjectives there? So yesterday I think it was, I made a list of all the different topics that I wanted to blog about. Inspiration for mind blowing posts always hits me when I'm either not at the computer or just not in the mood to blog. I decided I'd write down everything in a notebook and blog it later in the day. Well, here we are at least a day late, but I'm hear, dear reader, nevertheless. Lucky you, right? Here we go...

I've been practicing my little heart out learning the guitar and damn it if my fingers aren't screaming to high hell!! I'm very pleased with my progress, but so far Geof is the only other person who's impressed. I'm gonna blow Nathaniel away!! Hey, hey you!! Get your mind out of the gutter!! Geez!!

The cat has fleas...again. I think my neighbor brought them over with her while she was feeding him for us while we were away. I've tried several different Hartz products and nothing works. So, I bought an inexpensive flea comb for less than $3 and that seems to be working! All you do is brush your cat and in doing so you comb out the fleas, their eggs, and their dookie...and the cat enjoys it, which is a plus!! If you have fleas go buy a flea comb. It's the only thing that has worked for me. Of course, I haven't called in the exterminators or anything like that because I'm poor.

I found out quite by accident yesterday morning that Illinois, the cat, likes blueberry waffles. Go figure.

The state, county, or city has been doing road destruction on my road for ever it seems. Yesterday they finally paved it so that the manhole covers no longer provide an interestingly skill challenging obstacle course. Geof loved all the big machinery and such. One of the steam roller guys, an older gentleman, was especially talkative and took a liking to Geof. I'm guessing he had several grandkids or something. Anyhoo, he offered to let Geof ride the steam roller with him. Geof said he wanted to while we were sitting on the porch but got shy when we got up to the thing. I figured as much, and was actually a bit relieved. I did finally talk Geof into tooting the horn and he liked that pretty well. As we were headed back to our house the toe of my sandal caught an uneven portion of the freshly laid asphalt and I got some stuck right under my big toe. Let me tell you, I doubt the fires in hell are any hotter than that shit!! I totally had to keep cool because of all the hunky workers around and I didn't want to upset Geof. We went inside and I made a beeline for the bathroom sink and cold water. Luckily there's no blistering, but it's still sore today.

I was bored the other day and decided to do a search for "poop" and came upon an extremely interesting site. Well, it was interesting to me. It had all these facts and myths about poop and gas and all things pertaining to butt functions. Check it out. While we're on the subject of internet searches, it is really amazing what is out there. My Dad and computers/the internet do not get along at all. While we were visiting them he had me do a photo search for Ted Kennedy because he's doing some political caricatures for someone. He's a graphic artist (I know the whole not liking computers thing doesn't make much sense) and here's an example of some of his work ps-that's me on the first page. (like the subtle plug?). I found tons of pictures some good some horrible and then...then I found this...

I shit you not, folks, and here's the proof, just scroll down. I'm so glad I'm not in the public eye. If you would like to play a similar game might I suggest a new search engine that Deneen brought to my attention? To bad, I'm going to anyway. It's your typical search engine but you have a chance of winning something every time you search for something. I'm not good at explaining things so just click the button over there to the right that says, "Win with me on BLINGO".

Here's another plug. If you like getting something for free or need to get rid of something for free check out FREECYCLE!!

That's all for now...take care and go learn something about poop!!


Blogger Deneen said...

The poop site is fascinating. I like the pic of you from your father's site.

Bummer about the fleas again! Get them all or Geof will be itching!

August 13, 2005 8:47 AM  
Blogger RunsWithTrowels said...

i am still holding my breath, waiting to win something, anything on blingo. my hopes are still high.
i love me some freecycle!
go on with your plugs :-)

August 13, 2005 10:11 AM  

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