Friday, August 05, 2005

Wow!! This Is A Long One!!!!

Aaaaahhhhhh.... Much better!! I returned home from a much needed visit with my parents on Sunday. I really enjoyed myself. I actually went out to the bars the two weekends I was there!! I felt so young!! I got to hear some really good live music and drink some really good, yet expensive beer too!! I had forgotten how much drinking in a bar costs!! Yipes. I don't like to throw Geof on folks so I waited until he was asleep before going out for the evening. I got to hang out with old friends that I hadn't seen in ages. It was very nice. I even got to play my bass again!! I can't remember the last time I played before that. One night I took Geof with me to a friends house and he got to play all kinds of noisy, piano, tambourine, drums. He had a ball. I was so inspired I brought my bass and amp, acoustic guitar, and didgeridoo home with me!! They'd been at my parents house since I left. Every night Geof and I have a little jam session of our own. We have a blast, too!

Our garden really flourished while we were away. I came home and picked a dozen ears of corn and some tomatoes. Yesterday I froze all the corn, washed the dishes, and clothes all before noon. That is a real accomplishment for me!! I really wish I had a digital camera so I could share a picture of our sunflowers!! They are absolutely outstanding as well as the glads. Earlier this spring Nathaniel transplanted a bunch of mums to the front yard along the front of the porch. At first they all looked sickly but now they are huge and bushy. I'm really looking forward to this fall when they're all a-bloom.

My friend's mom called to offer us a bedroom suite that she no longer needs. I said I'd take it!! I've been sleeping on what is supposed to be a couch for over 3 years now. Granted it's a futon, but not a very comfortable one. It's much better suited to live as a couch. I think it will probably head to the dump though. The boards are cracked and held together with a million screws, the mattress is a biohazard, and I doubt anyone would want it. It was given to Nathaniel by a friend in his fraternity house. That says it all right bed has lived in a fraternity house!! I've been in said fraternity house...ewww! There's been beer spilled all over it and god knows what else. I think the best thing to so is torch it!! Now I just have to figure out how to rearrange my bedroom to accommodate the other two pieces.

Do you hear that noise? That steady ticking? That is my biological clock folks and it is driving me absolutely batty!! I think my body is ready for another child. In fact I know it, I'm ready physically and emotionally, but we're not ready financially. Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything stupid like poking holes in all the condoms or getting Nathaniel drunk or clubbing him over the head so that I can drag him back to my lair and have my way with him. We've been down the Boulevard of Unexpected Pregnancy and what a bumpy, windy, rocky, hellacious road it was. I don't think we'd survive another trip. For now I'll just dream about babies and live vicariously through our friends.

Speaking of Nathaniel...he should be home sometime this evening...hopefully. It just depends on how late in the day he finishes. I think he's either in or was in Kentucky or Ohio and his last delivery is to be made today somewhere just south of Atlanta which will put him about 4-5 hours form home! I am so excited and Geof even more so. I can handle the 2 week runs no sweat. But something about the 3 week ones, geesh. By the end I'm almost sick with loneliness. It's not that I'm jonesing for some lovin, I just miss his presence. I like to wait a couple days longer than usual after he leaves to do the laundry just so I have the "surprise" of finding some of his clothes in there. Sometimes I'll sniff his cologne. It's like that Axe commercial where the boyfriend is acting like a dork then he comes up to his girlfriend and she smells his cologne and she's suddenly reminded of all the good times and everything's all good again. I even start to miss his scent. Not his cologne scent but the scent that is unique to him. Damn those pheromones!! I guess that's all part of loving love everything about them. I'm reminded of our first kiss....but this post is long enough and I'll tell the tale another time...if I remember.

Take care and take time to hug the people you love!


Blogger Deneen said...

What a nice post, you do write well. Glad you had such a wonderful time! I know you're ready for another baby, just wait til Nathanial is more adjusted and settled at work. You have time, lots.

August 05, 2005 2:58 PM  

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