Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm Baaack

Yeah, so I'm still alive. Did you miss me? My absence hasn't been intentional, trust me. My computer caught a nasty virus and died. Nathaniel is the computer fixer and has had to repair the damn thing in stages. He can only work on it when he's home (duh) and he isn't home but every other weekend. At any rate I'm back until some other fuck nut computer virus writer attacks. To all you buttholes out there that think it's just a riot to write up these viruses that wreck computers I hope you rot in hell!!!!

I don't think too much has really happened since I was last able to post. Geof and I both have colds. I had seriously thought I was pregnant until Captain Bloodsnatch came into port. (that's how Nathaniel refers to my monthly) My cycle is like a clock (25-27 days) and I was a day late. Could be because of the cold or the fact that my weird skin thing is back. Who knows.

Fall is here. The nights are getting cooler and I love it!! We transplanted some mums to the front of the house this spring and they are gimongous and gorgeous. Geof and I bought a Halloween costume for him today. Spiderman all the way! Nathaniel won't be home for Halloween this year so Geof and I will head down to see my parents. This will be Geof's first year actually trick-or-treating. Usually we just visit our neighbors. I have 3 younger cousins that I'm hoping will let us tag along who live near my parents.

I guess that's all the news. I'm off to take a little nap.


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