Sunday, October 16, 2005


Here are some pictures I thought I'd share...all of them are clickable...

typical boy
silly little family portrait of sorts
playing in the rain
this one make me teary, he's growing up too fast!

Geof eating an onion...I told you he wasn't a picky eater!
which one is the wild beast?
Geof pretending to be a dinosaur
Geof lined up his animals on the couch, guess it was time to migrate

here's Geof "driving" Daddy's big rig
Geof playing with camel spit...he still talks about it
my kid...being a kid


Blogger nu. said...

Geof sure is cute! and i like that silly little family portrait... reminds me of those cartoons where you can never see the adults' heads.

October 23, 2005 5:37 PM  

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