Monday, November 14, 2005

I Gave Birth To A Weird Wild Child

Geof is a born music lover and he gets it quite honestly. Today I was in the mood for music so I loaded up practically our entire mp3 collection on the computer and had the stereo bumping. Nathaniel rigged our computer so that the speakers aren't your average computer speakers. They are a little over 3 feet tall, 16 inches wide, and weigh 150 lbs each. Yeah, he's a man who likes his music loud...very loud. Between the two of us we have a very eclectic music collection so it's no surprise that our taste in music has rubbed off on Geof. Some of his favorite songs are...Cat Scratch Fever, Taking Care of Business, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Godzilla, etc. Geof has been drumming along with the music all day today. His drum set is made up of 2 five-gallon buckets overturned and a fan (I guess for the cymbals) and his drumsticks are a pencil and a toy hammer. He really went crazy this afternoon when Judas Priests' Breakin' The Law came on. He's so funny.

Some other funny Geof stuff from today...
Out of the blue he comes in my room and asks me, "Are you kicking my ass?" I realize kids are like sponges, but I have no idea where that came from. I laughed (on the inside) and told him that that wasn't a very nice thing to say and he left.... ok?

Another out of the blue comment came when he came to me and said something about "talking beavers". I guess it was from the Disney channel because he was watching something on there before he said that. Of course, I can be very immature and my mind is usually in the gutter so I had to laugh out loud about that one.

Geof has had a pretty nasty cold this week. On Wednesday night I thought I was going to have to take him to the emergency room. He had a super snotty nose and started getting some pretty bad congestion in his chest with a slight fever. When he would cough it sounded like he was barking. I put some water on to boil to add some humidity to the air and put him in a nice warm shower. The next day he was improved and I took him to the doctor. He was cutting up like usual and then he turns to the doctor and says, "I'm shy!" There's not a shy bone in his body. He's the type of kid that never meets a stranger. He didn't get that from me. He's still snotty but everyday he improves. I've had to wash his face several times today because he's had that sick kid dirty snot whiskers thing going on. You know...the nose runs, he wipes it with the back of his arm or sleeve and it leaves a trail from his nose to his ear and then the dirt from playing outside gets stuck on the drying snot? Yeah, that look. I love being somebody's mama!


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