Friday, November 11, 2005

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm...

I've always loved the ideas of fate and destiny, but I never really whole-heartedly put my faith in either one. However, the longer I am with Nathaniel, the more I believe that we were meant to be together. Yeah, I think it sounds corny, too, but there have been too many coincidences to ignore.

Nathaniel and I met in a sort of unconventional manner. Online, very random, neither looking for love in cyber space. Our lives have become so intertwined with each other that I think that we were possibly destined to meet at some point anyway. Here are a few examples of the things that make me go hmmm...

  • Nathaniel's uncle and his wife moved to the mountains of North Carolina shortly after we did, but they had planned the move a few years before Nathaniel and I met. This one takes a little background to really seem like "fate" but I don't feel like going into it so you'll have to trust me.
  • Also, before we met, Nathaniel watched a movie that was filmed and produced in Asheville, a city I used to frequent on a regular. By the way, if you happened to click on the word "movie" up there, let me just say that the movie is a total exaggeration and not meant to be taken seriously, it's a comedy...a very twisted, gross, hilarious've got to see it!
  • The last and most recent thing in this list is the fact that The Woodbox Gang are scheduled to play in Rutherfordton. Now what in the hell does that have to do with anything, you ask...

...When Nathaniel was still living in Illinois he helped build, manage, and run a little coffee shop called The Yellow Moon Cafe. They have live music there and one day a little band called The Woodbox Gang played. Nathaniel really like them and struck up a friendship. He has all their albums, tshirts, stickers, etc. We are both big fans now...and so is Geof. The Woodbox Gang are from Southern Illinois and until recently have only played in that area. Nathaniel actually proposed to me while one of their songs played in the background. I kinda think of them as "our band" and they play a couple of "our songs". I checked out their upcoming show dates because we're planning a trip up there next May. As I was scanning the list the words RUTHERFORDTON and THE KODIAK popped out at me because that's my freaking home town and my new favorite watering hole!!!! I'd bet money that you've never heard of Rutherfordton. How random is that? The thing is, Rutherfordton just in the past few years voted in liquor by the drink. There were no bars or venues for live music 3 years ago. I just can't figure out how they found The Kodiak, or why they're making a 550 mile trip just to play for one night in North Carolina, especially Rutherfordton, NC. There's nothing else there!! I am absolutely floored by this. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I am so there!! January 21, 2006 I'm marking my calendar right now and working any plans around that date.

There have been a lot of little things to happen like that, but I can't recall any at the moment to add to the list. I may sound like a real dweeb, but I think it's quite interesting.


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