Monday, January 16, 2006

In My Room...

Your Room
Your Window The Window: Your Attitude

Your choice of the forest reveals a person who is lush, verdant and fertile. You are complex. At times serene and tranquil, you provide an atmosphere of relaxation and retreat which is a very powerful magnet. But you are not perfect. You habitually needle people. In your youth you swayed to the hot, pulsing beat of "Light my Fire" (despite the danger it posed to yourself, friends and family). Frequent anti-fire lectures by Smokey the Bear fell on deaf ears. With greater maturity you can now see the forest for the trees. Success for you now may be better defined as a branch office and an oak desktop. Conversely you may be hiding a secret desire to dress as a girl and sing the Monty Python song, "I'm a lumberjack." Whatever -- you know the ultimate truth "No tree grows to the sky."

Your Lover

The Music: Your Lover

You rock while your partner rolls creating a pulsing beat that reaches to your very core. Your passion is deep and demanding, yet can often be fickle as it is pulled from one trend to the next, constantly trying to find a real hot groove.

Your Picture The Pictures: Your Relationships

The choice of the Rad Storage Box reveals a deeply practical, yet radical individual who inspires friends and family to work alongside in peace and harmony, toiling with transparent glee and the refreshing innocence of youth as necessary items are sorted, collected and stored. Very rad.

Your Garbage The Garbage: Your Problems

Problems are no stranger to you. Your generous, hard-working nature has left you open to everyone dumping their problems on you daily. While this would cause worry and stress for lesser mortals, you have accepted your lot in life with maturity and humility, understanding that other people's problems are bringing you one step closer to salvation.

Your Clock The Clock: Your Future

Your future is marked by exploration and safari adventures taking you to warmer climates. With a childlike exuberance and naivete, your sense of playfulness may find expression in the composition of rhymes and riddles involving cats, mice, zebras and horses. But your grown-up sense of fair-play demands that you use resources wisely. Recycling is an integral part of your future.

I found this through Lynlee's blog. It's your average Freudianesque personality quiz. What struck me, and demanded blogging was this line...
" In your youth you swayed to the hot, pulsing beat of "Light My Fire" (despite the danger it posed to yourself, friends, and family)."
This could not be more true...literally. In high school, I used to play bass guitar in a little band with a few of my friends. One of the songs we used to play a lot was "Light My Fire". To this day when I hear that song I am immediately taken back to that time in my life. Just thought I'd share. Click here to see what your room is like.


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