Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hank III

I love it when I rediscover a musician. Today it was Hank III. The first time I saw him live was at The Orange Peel, I was 9 months pregnant and both Geof and I enjoyed the show! In fact, Geof is still enjoying the show. He's 3 now and has quite a taste for music. Right now we're listening to "Tennessee Driver" for the 5th time in a his request. That's muh boy!! I may be from the south, but my neck isn't as red as it could be, but damn it if Hank III doesn't bring out the hellbilly in me! If you aren't familiar with Hank III, his shows (at least the 2 I've seen) are done in two parts. The first half is all country, like the stuff his grandfather did. The second half is a complete 180 degree turn-around. It's hardcore-kick-your-mama-in-the-mouth-and-drink-the-free-flowing-blood metal. Not exactly my cup o' tea, but I can get into it just because he and his band have incredible energy onstage. I can't explain it. Part of my fascination is the fact that they are so good to their fans. They play music for all the right reasons. It's so obvious when they are playing that every last one of them is giving 100%. I like feeling appreciated when I go to see a band! If you'd like to sample some Hank III check out a Myspace dedicated to him. That's what Geof and I are using to quench our thirst. We keep going back and forth between "Tennessee Driver" and "Low Down". Listen to those two at least and you'll see what I mean about the whole 180 thing. Enjoy!!


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