Friday, February 10, 2006

Just Thinking Out Loud

If you notice the ticker at the top you'll see that, as of today, Nathaniel will be home in 2 months 3 weeks and 5 days. That thing has been counting down 1 year. The end is in sight!...maybe. I've been doing the whole holding down the forth thing for a while, so you would think that I'd be used to it by now. I am for the most part, but I still have my days. Like last night, I was watching the weather channel's local on the 8s. They showed the radar for basically the eastern half of the country and I got this weird pang of loneliness. I blame the sappy depressing music they play while showing all the various graphs and maps. I get too emotionally involved in music, always have...I'm weird. I was saddened because I knew that somewhere on that map was my husband. Where exactly I didn't know, but he was many miles from home. I look forward to the day we can put this behind us, but I'm a little worried at the same time. It's weird to have him home and in the flesh. Don't get me wrong Geof and I adore him, but our little routine gets thrown off a bit. I'm sure we'll get used to having him around again. Before he took this job with Schneider he had been home for 6 months while looking for employment. We had actually just gotten used to being around each other. We argued all the time for the first 4 months because we were always together, we were able to laugh at ourselves though, which was nice. Who knows, right now he has a few options for when his contract is up...
  • Stay with Schneider and become a trainer. This means that he'll be on the road for another 6 months before he'd work out of Charlotte and be home about 4 nights out of the week...I think. This also means that we'd be moving back home...well, to my hometown. We plan to be back there by this time next year anyway....we'll see.
  • Find another job driving some humongous vehicle that would allow him to be home every night from the start.
To be honest, I want him to stay with Schneider. I know, I know, I know at the beginning of this blog I had nothing but horrid remarks about the company. In my defense those were made during Nathaniel's time as a grunt, still proving himself. He's earned some respect now and gets more miles, and less crap runs. Things are improving, but Schneider is still a big business with one goal...making's no secret though that I detest big business. At any rate, they have a great 401K plan, excellent benefits, etc. In the long-run, it's not too bad, at least there's room for advancement, which is important.

Well, I'm going to end this post here. Geof keeps running in here making me dance like a monkey, tiger, and elephant (FUCKING WIGGLES!!!!). I'm not sure if this post is coherent, and I don't have time to proofread.....that's a lie, I do, but I don't feel like it. So, dear reader, take care and enjoy your children if you have them because they are an endless source of entertainment and headaches, and if you don't have children enjoy that too because sometimes for one brief moment I wish I could remember the sound of silence.


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