Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Good & The Bad

Ugh! Things haven't been running so smoothly the last few weeks. First the rat, then fixing the rat damage. The faucet in the kitchen decided to act up, but is now fixed. Last week the washing machine decided to be weird. It would stop mid-cycle and to get it started you would have to slam the lid really hard and if that didn't work kicking and cussing would. Nathaniel did something to it to make it work again, until a few days ago when it started stopping again and then it started smelling like something was burning. It was pretty bad. Luckily our neighbors had an old washing machine that they gave to us. We got it wrestled into the house yesterday but the hose that drains the water from the washer kept coming off at the most inopportune time! That's been fixed now. I tore a hole in the linoleum while moving the washer around. Nathaniel's paycheck was screwed up this week which made things a bit interesting and not in a fun way. I cannot seem to win an auction over at ebay for a quality digital camera from someone with a good feedback score, of course that doesn't really matter now with the whole paycheck ordeal. My weird "rash" is back. I'm all cut up from wrestling with the new-to-us washer. I'm trying a new home hair color. I have exactly one minute before I have to rinse it out and I'm hoping that it all goes as planned and I don't end up with purple hair....we'll see...........

.....several minutes later.....

........ok, the results are in. My hair didn't turn purple...IT TURNED SILVER!!! What the hell?! It's supposed to be maybe a shade or two darker than my usual blonde. I have to go to a wedding on Saturday!!! It's not bad enough to make me hide my head in the sand, but...sigh... This is not my day week month!

On the bright side...
  • It's like I told Nathaniel...I kinda like all this domestic drama, it gives me something to do and I feel like Rosie Riveter when I can fix something mechanical.
  • Nathaniel will be home for a 3 days this weekend.
  • My hair smells a lot better after this coloring than it usually does with my usual brand.
  • After I color my hair sunlight usually lightens it pretty quickly and it's supposed to be nice out tomorrow. Maybe I'll spend the day outside with Geof.
  • My birthday is in a few days.
  • Geof is spending the night at Nathaniel's aunt and uncle's house this weekend and there's free alcohol at the wedding on Saturday...people are a lot more beautiful when you're tanked...even if they have purple hair!!
  • There's always a tomorrow...or at least a next month!


Blogger Deneen said...

You have become incredibly independent-good for you!

March 02, 2006 7:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, can you tell me what you did to keep the hose from coming off? I'm a single mom of a precious six year old, who is enjoying the floods much more than I am.

March 29, 2006 3:56 PM  

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