Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The News of the Day

Dana Reeve died yesterday. I learned about it along with the rest of the world this morning. All day today I can't help but think about her son. What a terrible tragedy to loose both parents by the age of 13.

In lighter news, Yanni was arrested on Friday. How funny is that? I'm not saying that domestic violence is anything to laugh about, but I never thought Yanni would be involved in such a thing. You never know!

And finally, today is my 24th anniversary of my birth. I got a gift card to WalMart in the mail today so that's where Geof and I were this afternoon. Here's what I treated myself to...gallon of milk, wastebasket, face scrub, scotch brite sponges (call me weird, but I love the way they smell right out of the package!), a good lint brush, and 2 light bulbs. Exciting stuff, no? I was going to buy some yarn or knitting needles or one of those round knitting looms, but didn't have any luck. Geof and I also ate lunch at the Chinese restaurant nearby. Tasty!


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