Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Things Kids Say

Deneen reminded me with her post today of a little conversation which took place between Geof and my parents this past weekend. I wasn't there to hear it first-hand but it was just as embarrassing when my parents told me later. Ok, so Geof and my parents were eating a late breakfast. I decided to take the time while Geof was supervised and occupied to unload the things I brought down there for the yard sale week after next. Apparently, in my absence Geof pipes up out of nowhere and says, "Do you know what my Daddy used to put me in my Mommy's tummy?" My folks said that they had to ask him him to repeat himself...which he did. Then he answers himself..."His penis. He used his penis." I am soooo glad I wasn't there at the time, I might have died. My parents have always been open and honest about the birds and the bees, especially my mom. I remember her drawing a picture of a penis on my Magna Doodle as a kid when I was learning about where babies came from. I've decided to take the same approach and be honest about the names of body parts and their functions. My folks laughed about it and I turned ten shades of red. I'm just glad he didn't say that to my grandparents!



Anonymous Deneen said...

I can see where you would be embarassed and I have no clue why they say this stuff when they do, but it is amusing as hell. It's funny, I explained penis to Elena and she knows a mommy and daddy make a baby, but she never asked really how it got in there-so I didn't pursue it.

September 27, 2006 1:36 PM  

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