Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crossing The Big Pond

Who doesn't love Europe? I guess it's because it's so much different from the US, but I have always had a fascination with the land and the people over there on the other side of the big pond. The foreign language teachers in my high school would organize trips to Europe every year. I really wish now that I had taken advantage of that. I've been mentally planning my dream vacation, not that I plan on going any time soon, but it's nice to see what's out there.

I found a site the other day called Easy To Book. It has listings for hotels in Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Rome. Listings for London and Prague are in the works as well. The site is a lot like any other hotel price comparison site. It provides information about amenities, location and also people who have stayed there can provide their honest feedback which is really nice. The site also lists and maps local attractions, restaurants, shopping, and transportation plus the hotels that are close by. All that on one website...sweet!

The deals seem to be pretty reasonable. There are options to stay in dormitory style rooms, which cost less and are be for the more adventurous person, or you can stay in a 5 star room with all the bells and whistles you can afford. If I were traveling alone or with friends I might do the dormitory style room. Here's a cute little hostel called the Heart of Amsterdam. It's in the Red Light District (oh my!) and kids aren't allowed but I bet it would be a nice adult getaway. In the mood for something a little more modern? Check out the pictures from the Abitart Hotel in Rome. A little too modern for me. I think this is more my pace..the Princesa Apartments Hotel in Barcelona.

Isn't daydreaming fun? I was surprised by how reasonable most of the hotels seemed to be. The reviews by past guests were sometimes fun to read. The Brits seem to get real uptight about their tea and not having tea making facilities! They were also helpful. A lot of the negatives I saw across the board were discrepancies between what was listed online and what was actually provided. Nothing seemed to be too dramatic, but I'm sure were a bit inconvenient for the travelers. All in all I think I'll keep this site in mind if..or when I get to plan a trip abroad, until then I'll use it to plan my mental vacation!



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