Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just Say No

With the latest trend in Hollywood including going to rehab, I can't help but wonder what sort of problems "regular" folks are having. I've never personally struggled with addiction (except for cigarettes) but there have been a couple people in my life who have. Fortunately, they never needed an intervention or even a trip to rehab. I was watching some entertainment "news" program the other night and they described the facility that Lindsay Lohan had entered. I was appalled! It sounded more like a spa than a rehabilitation facility! I'm sure it doesn't come cheap either. How does the average person pay for rehab? Does insurance cover it at all? How do you find a rehab center that's right for the individual?

I found out about a site that offers free referral service for finding long or short term drug rehab centers through PayPerPost. I hope to never have to rely on such a service, but it is nice to know that something like this exists., the name is pretty easy to remember and it doubles as the phone number. I really like the fact that it is a free, non-profit site that offers service 24/7. They also offer an online drug rehab assessment which helps to find the best program and treatment options that best suit the person's needs. Need help paying for it? They can provide you with all the information you need to help finance the treatment.

I feel like a commercial, my tone a little too chipper. Drugs are scary and what they can do to a person is even more frightening. The social drugs that were floating around when I was a teenager were no where near as potent or addictive as the stuff that is around now. The county I grew up in is completely depressed economically. The major employers shut down, and the unemployment rate rose and so did the number of meth labs. Meth is one drug that really makes me feel uneasy. It's easily mass produced, highly addictive, and to some it's a party drug. As a parent I've already begun to teach Geof right from wrong, but that stuff will always be out there, and I will always worry. I just hope that should I ever need to find help for Geof or anyone I care about there will be places to turn to like



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