Thursday, December 13, 2007

Road Kill & Other highway Adventures

Last weekend brought a pretty eventful road trip. We left Sunday afternoon heading for Charlotte to do some Christmas shopping and to drop Nathaniel off for work. About 30 minutes into the drive an accident about a mile ahead of us tied up traffic for a bit. Police, fire trucks, and ambulances zipped past on the shoulder but by the time we got to the incident the ambulances were gone. There was a white Dodge Durango on its roof in one of the east bound lanes. The wreckage looked survivable but still pretty nasty. After getting through that we were finally on our way. An hour and a half later an unmarked police car zoomed past going way too fast. He got the car he was after and again we were on our way. Then probably 30 minutes later we were witness to yet another wreck this time we saw the whole thing unfold right in front of us. A woman in an early 80s model Chevy pickup was following too close behind another car that stopped suddenly. She swerved to miss it, cut across our lane (we were all traveling the same direction) hit a deep ditch and flipped the truck two or three times finally landing on all four wheels. We stopped, I called 911 while Nathaniel went to check on the lady. I was afraid there would be a fatality with the way the passengers were violently thrown around. The emergency workers got there quickly and took care of things and Nathaniel told the cops what he saw. There were 2 women in the truck and a small baby that couldn't have been more than a few months old. Luckily and miraculously no one was seriously injured. After that we couldn't get to Charlotte fast enough and off the roads! We made it without any more delays.

Geof and I spent the night with Nathaniel in Charlotte and headed out the next day. We stopped in to visit my parents on our way home and ended up staying the night there too. We left the next morning and I saw the saddest road kill scene. There on the road was a squished squirrel. The sad part is that there was a living squirrel standing over the carnage and almost seemed to be trying to figure out what happened to its friend...or lover? For all I know the living squirrel could have been feasting on the flesh of the deceased, I'm not familiar with the ways of the squirrel. It was a sad little picture from the outside anyway. The rest of the drive home was completely uneventful and boring...just the way I like it!


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