Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Well Hello There!

Well, hello there.  What a difference about 5 years makes!  Let's see...what all has changed?  Geof is now 12 years old and still just as precocious (that's him over there to the left, isn't he handsome?)  Legally I am still married to the trucker however I have not laid eyes on him in 2 years and he has called Hawaii home for the past 3.  I lost my Dad in March 2013, the day after my 31st birthday.  That has been the hardest loss to deal with thus far.  I have gone back to school.  I started classes at my local community college in 2013 and have knocked out all of my prerequisites.  Right now I am in the middle of the first semester of nursing school.  Hopefully in May of 2017 I will officially be a registered nurse.  Speaking of nursing school, I'm better get back to studying!  This post has been brought to you by my nemesis, Procrastination.  Because it just makes total sense to dust off that 5-year-silent blog at 11pm on a work night, right?

PS - fuck you Blogger!  There is supposed to be a picture of Geof neatly positioned up there to the left of the text however for some reason when I view my blog that picture is instead in the previous post.  WTF!  No wonder I don't blog anymore, I don't need this kind of negativity in my life!


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