Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ramble on...

Well, autumn came and went in about 5 days and winter is now upon us...or so it seems to be the case lately. The heat hasn't been off in about 3 days. Usually we don't have to run it constantly until November. Of course November is only a few days away. Maybe we're right on schedule. Wow this post is really getting dull.

Moving along...

I guess it's because he has a personality now and we can interact more and converse, but I swear Geof is more and more fun to be around. The stuff that comes out of that kid's mouth is priceless. Now don't get me wrong I've never disliked being around him, but it's nice to communicate. I am totally loving being a mama.

Nathaniel's schedule is all fucked up trying to work with the holidays. Schneider has a policy that all drivers (I'm guessing all employees, too) are home for at least 36 hours for Christmas. Sounds like a total joy killer, but it makes sense. If trailers aren't moving, then no one's making money. They're also doing some sort of trial where Nathaniel has to plan ahead several months and pick 5 days out of each month when he wants to be home. I'm a bit confused on details so I won't bore you with babble. Blah blah blah ... we're not doing our usual thing for Thanksgiving or possibly Christmas. He will be home at least for Christmas but not Thanksgiving...something about being here a few days before or after the holiday. See I told you I was confused. At any rate he did say that sometime in December he will be on the road, home, on the road for a few days, and then home again. We're hoping to work things out that I can go out with him when he's gone for the few days. Geof will get to spend time with Pop & Gram (my Dad & Mom). We'll see. I really want to go out with him for several reasons... 1-to see what his life is like away from home and what he has to put up with 2-to actually spend some time just the two of us. That hasn't happened in over a year and a half. 3- I so want to play with the CB! Yeah I'm a dork. 4- I'll look like such a badass hot trucker babe!! HAHAHA!! I'm laughing out loud at myself right now.

Nathaniel recently got a satellite radio for the truck and he says it helps time to pass more quickly. I was surprised at how inexpensive they are now. The radio was about $50 and the subscription to the service was $10 for the year! He highly recommends it to anyone.

Like the tomatoes this summer, I am babysitting yet another hobby of Nathaniel's. There are two 5 gallon buckets full of fermenting grapes sitting in my living room. Yes, the man makes his own wine! I checked the percentage of alcohol tonight and the fumes coming out of there are enough to intoxicate a moose. Potent stuff. I broke the damn thing-a-ma-bob that I have to use to check it so I'll have to make a trip to the home brewing store. Asheville is such a cluster fuck traffic wise and I hate driving in downtown.

It's been in the low 30s at night so I let the cat in the house. I lock him in the bathroom at night since the recliner incident...that's where his food and litter box are anyway. How does the fucker repay me? He shits in my bathroom sink and pees on top of his litter box lid. See, we have a litter box that has a top on it...looks kinda like a pet carrier...we call it the bat cave. What the hell?! I cleaned out his box prior to putting him in the bathroom, too. I'm really fed up with him. At least my bathroom is super duper sterile now. I spent all morning cleaning it. I hate poop.


Blogger Deneen said...

It should be fun for you going on a run with Nathanial. My grandfather had a trucking company years ago and my mom and her sisters used to go with him as kids.

Motherhood does get better as they are talking more, it's fun! However, once they start school they tend to "sass" you and you wonder where the hell things came from.....

I had a cat that did what your cat is doing constantly. She hated me. I had to get rid of her. Freaking cat pissed in her own food-I guess she showed me!

October 27, 2005 7:53 AM  

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