Sunday, January 29, 2006

Last Stop On The Potty Train...Time To CELEBRATE!!!!!!!

I didn't want to jinx it, but now that Geof is tucked away in bed I can say it. Geof is finally house broken!!! Image hosting by Photobucket Actually, he went all day today in underwear...Batman underwear to be exact...without a single accident!!! Image hosting by PhotobucketI thought I'd never see the day!! That familiar pang of bittersweet bliss hit me again, but damn it, I'm so happy I could pee myself....but I won't. Geof is quite pleased with himself, too. We'll have to see how things go tomorrow, but I think we're finally on the right track. After Christmas I started taking one toy away every time he had a dirty diaper. Needless to say his toy baskets were getting pretty sparse. After Wednesdays success he was allowed to have one of his favorite trucks back, that went over pretty well with him. Today he got a few more trucks back, which went over very well. I think he's catching on. Although I'm sure the extra incentive helped, I think it was just getting that first poo in the pot over with that has helped him turn the corner. After the incident with the toilet in Knoxville (last paragraph), I think Geof was pretty much traumatized for a bit. For now all is well, I guess the next milestone to look forward to is kindergarten!!


Blogger Nickels said...

Hey, congrats! I can't imagine what a sense of accomplishment THAT must give you!!!

January 30, 2006 2:36 PM  

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